November 2014

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In October we had Stated meeting that was both great and sad.

-We had our newest 1st degree give a great proficiency and are excited that we will soon be able to have a second degree.  This is great to see and gives us hope for the craft.

-On the other side, we almost couldn’t open lodge because so few showed up to participate.  So out of our 60+ members we just had the 7 we need to show up.  I’m happy that we were able to get open, but obviously concerned that we almost couldn’t.

Our lodge has been in Escalon longer than all of us have been alive.  Let’s keep the spirit of Masonry alive in this community.  We have a lot of great things to offer as a group in the Masonic family and we want to be able to share that with the next generation.  To do that we need to have the people her to be able to make that happen.  If nothing else come enjoy the great meal we have every month.


In the coming weeks I will be making some outreach calls to get your ideas on what we can do to make our lodge great again.  I know you will give me some great ideas.

Next month we will already be having elections for next year!  Give me a call or shoot me an email and let me know what you might be interested in doing to help out in the up-coming year.


Michael W. Faircloth II, Worshipful Master Escalon Masonic Lodge

Escalon Masons of California


     Hello from the west.  Congratulations to Brother Matt Due.  He gave a perfect proficiency for the First Degree at our last Stated Meeting and we are looking forward to giving him his Second Degree.  We have it scheduled for Monday, Dec.  1, 2014.

In thinking about our Stated Meeting, I’ve got to tell you that I am extremely disappointed about attendance.  It takes 7 Officers to open and that is exactly what we had.  It seems to me that a couple hours out of one whole month is not too much to ask.  We have a catered dinner that starts around 6pm and it is always very good.  Out meeting now starts a 7pm and we are out of there by 8pm.

November is the month for our annual election of Officers, even though you may not be interested in being an officer; we sure could use a little support.

I have had a phone conversation with Brother Sid Leib about a week ago and he informed me that he had taken a fall and hurt his back.  Get well soon Sid.

Thanks very much,

Bob Shannon     Home phone 838-6377, cell phone 247-3004





Secretary’s Tidbits


As this goes to press, I have been working with a Controller within Grand Lodge to get up to speed on the new program, Intacct. We are very close to getting ready to send our Membership invoices. Our lodge dues remained the same as last year. We have 5 brothers that still owe the lodge dues for 2014. The new invoices will be mailed in December that will show amounts owing. Just in case anyone is asking, our address is “Escalon Lodge #591, P O Box 387, Escalon CA  95320-0387”.

Our November stated meeting will be elections of our new officers for 2015.  Please step up and offer to give our lodge some help. Our lodge needs some help from some of the Past Masters that can make it up stairs.  We have great dinners starting at 6:00 PM and the meeting starts at 7:00 PM and normally don’t last over an hour.

At our last School of Instruction, we voted to change the Officers Association meeting to the second Monday of the month.

Doug Alcorn, PM



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