August 2014


P O Box 387 1500 Viking St

From The East

July has been a great month for Escalon 591. We imitated a new brother in Mathew Due, had a successful Park Fete Omelet breakfast and, (as always), a amazing dinner before our stated meeting on Wednesday, July 17th.

It is hard to believe that the year is already half way over. I feel like what we want to do is just getting start. Time is always like that, and we seem to never have enough. This is why we need to remember to measure our time and set aside time for refreshment and repose. Without this, we can’t accomplish the work the Great Architect would have us participate in.

Speaking of repose and refreshment—Baseball time is almost upon us!!! On August 23rd we will have Mason Night on John Thurman Field in Modesto. Come join us as we watch the Modesto Nuts take on the High Desert Mavericks. The first pitch is at 7:05 PM, but we plan to be there early to do some tailgating! This is a great event to bring the family to. If you know anyone that might be interested in finding out more about us, why not invite them to the game? What a great way to introduce them to our great fraternity. Please contact me at 209 985-8975 if you would like to purchase tickets. They are only $7.00!

Michael W. Faircloth II

Worshipful Master


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