December Trestleboard 2015

 First I hope that you have all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I hope you were
spending time with family, eating good food, and thanking God for all the
blessings in our life.  I personally didn’t over eat this year but only because I
was sick.  Oh well at least I have the Christmas feast to look forward to!
Speaking of Christmas- Isn’t it amazing that we are already at that time of
year?  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the crazed shopping.  Remember to
take time for the important things during this season.  For many of us Christmas
is a time for us to reflect on the greatest gift we could have ever received.  A
child born for our transgressions.  Amazing to contemplate and easy to lose in
the media driven Christmas that we now experience.  Let’s take time to think on
these things and all the Great Architect has done and how we can give back to
the world not just through gifts but through living an upstanding life.  The type
of life every Mason is called to live.  As you think about living that life perhaps
you can start setting some goals for next year.  Perhaps the goal is just to make
it to one more stated meeting this year or maybe this year your goal will be to
make it to all of them.  Maybe it is time for you to consider being involved a lot
more next year.  We need all members to be involved to keep our lodge on the
right track for future success and perhaps just existence.
 Speaking of next year!  We held elections at our last stated meeting.
Worshipful Robert Shannon wasn’t able to attend the meeting so we figured it
was a good time to elect him Master.   Congratulations Bob!
 I hope that most of you were able to make it out to our first Novemberfest beer
event.  We had more than 40 people attend to try homemade beer that was
made by our Lodge!  By all accounts we did a good job.  Thank you to those
that participated in the beer making events.  We will be doing it again!  We also
had a local start up Micro Brewery bring in 5 other styles of beer.  Thank you
Alex and Abena!  The beer was great.
Michael W. Faircloth II, CRPS®
     Hello from the west.  I was not able to attend our stated meeting for November
due to a short stay in the hospital.  But as planned I was elected to serve as
Master of the Lodge for the year of 2016.  Our installation will be January 23 at
     Our November fest turned out to be a great success.  We had about 40 people
attend and even got 2 applications (one of which is my son Anthony Shannon) to
receive the degrees of Masonry.  More info will be coming about when we can do
the First Degree for these 2 men.
     I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday and are looking forward
and planning for a Merry Christmas.  Speaking of which, I just learned that we are
going to have a special dinner for the occasion and we will need to have
reservations.  So, please call and let us know if you are planning to attend.
Looking forward to seeing you then.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New
 Bob Shannon P.M.     Home phone 838-6377, cell phone 247- 3004
Secretary’s Tidbits
    Our new elected officers are as follows:  WM – Robert Shannon, PM; SW – Michael Faircloth
II, PM; JW — Ray Dunne; Treasurer –Stanton Woody; Secretary – Douglas Alcorn, PM. The
appointed officers will be: SD – David Brown: JD – Matthew Due: Chaplin – Marty Coburn. We
still need SS/JS and if I am not mistaken Ples Due will be Tiler and Asst. Secretary. We have set
Jan 23rd for Installation of Officers.
     We just confirmed that our Special dinner will be served on Dec 16th (Stated Meeting). Please
call Bob Shannon by Sat Dec 12th or your reservation.  I know this is only one week but please let
us know so we can prepare.
      This stated meeting (12/16) we hopefully will ballet for two new members: Alex Serrato and
Anthony Shannon, so watch for early degree dates.
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