FROM THE EAST For August 2013

Hello Brothers & Friends of Escalon Lodge #591.  There are so many things to talk about; I don’t even know where to start.  On June 1st we went out to the now closed Oakdale Lodge and removed the theater chairs they had in their Lodge room.  Dave Brown came with his air compressor and air tools and made quick work of removing the bolts that were used to bolt the chairs to the floor.  Michael Faircloth borrowed a large trailer to haul the chairs and store them until June 22nd when we installed them in Escalon Lodge.  In my mind, this is what masonry is all about.  We had help from Oak-summit Lodge, Escalon Lodge and some DeMolay boys from Manteca.  On June 22nd we removed the old chairs from Escalon Lodge and installed the chairs we got from Oakdale Lodge.  We took the old chairs down to the parking lot because the Shriners were having a spaghetti dinner that evening.  Thanks to Brothers Kent and Larry, we then moved the chairs into the dining hall after the spaghetti dinner was over.  The following week, Stanton Woody and myself finished bolting the chairs down and they sure look good in our Lodge room.  We then discussed what we should do with our old chairs and it was suggested that we try to sell them on Craig’s List.  I took some digital pictures and posted a add for antique theater chairs and sure enough, I sold all of them.  So that project is finished.  Thanks to everybody for your help.


     Congratulations to Brother Dunne on receiving his 2nd Degree of Masonry.  We conferred the 2nd Degree on July 1st.  Again we had help from Oak-Summit Lodge.  Michael Faircloth was Master for the 2nd Degree and did an excellent job.


     The next thing on my list is the annual omelet breakfast we had on July 13th.  This is done in conjunction with the Escalon Park Fete celebration and parade and is our biggest fund raiser for the year.  We started by setting everything up in the dining hall and kitchen Friday evening at around 6pm.  We started serving at 7am Saturday morning and finished at around 11am.  We had a total of 6 workers, Doug Alcorn, Kent Armstrong, Dave Brown, Warren Croft, Ray Dunne and myself.  It was a very successful event.  We had a very nice donation of $250.00 from Van Ruler Farms.  We served a total of 109 people of which 7 were military and will be paid for by the American Legion.  We will end up with $771.80 after expenses.  Thanks very much to everybody for your support.


     And last but certainly not least is The Mason of the Year award program put on by the Stockton Scottish Rite.  Congratulations to Brother Eugene Boesch, who was elected by our lodge to receive the award this year.   Gene is very deserving of this award and I’m glad he got it this year.



Bob Shannon

Worshipful Master

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